Why Fire-Rated Doors Are Essential To Safety & Security

The average number of home-based fire incidents in Canada is 24,000 per year, along with an estimated 3,048 injuries & 377 deaths caused by these fires annually.

fire rated doorsWhile the devastation that a fire can cause is well-known, many people do not realise the importance of having fire-rated doors in their property.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why fire-rated doors are so important and what role they can play in protecting your residential or working space from the extreme dangers of fire.

Fire Rated Doors: The Benefits & How They Work

Fire-rated doors are designed to slow down or prevent the spread of fire and smoke inside a building or structure for a specific period of time.

These doors are usually made of fire-resistant materials like steel, glass, gypsum, and aluminium which make them suitable even in extreme temperatures during a fire emergency.

Fire-rated doors are equipped with self-closing mechanisms and intumescent strips that expand immediately when a fire breaks out so that the fire can be contained.

They also play an important role in any building’s passive fire protection system and are often required to meet local building code requirements.

Fire doors are useful in containing a blaze, preventing smoke inhalation, and providing a safe escape route for occupants. They also minimise property damage and protect personal assets.

Where Should The Fire-Rated Doors Be Installed?

Whether you want to install fire-rated doors in commercial or residential structures, it is important to put them where the risk is highest and where they will be most effective.

In general, they need to be properly installed at the entrance and exit points of corridors, the doorways separating two buildings, the exit points of elevator shafts & stairwells, and between hazardous & non-hazardous areas.

In a home, you can install them in the kitchen, laundry room, boiler room, and furnace room. They are also good to have around the garage.

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Fire-rated doors are indeed lifesavers, but they must be installed and maintained properly to prevent them from failing during an emergency.

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